About Seba

Founded in 1997 by Grethe van Geffen, Seba offers 20+ years of experience with diversity & inclusion in organisations. We can oversee the developments since decades and understand quickly what is going on. More than others, Seba know what works – or what doesn’t work – for organisations. Workshops, trainings, consultancy, intervision: our approach is focused and practical, including every one and valuing all individual contributions. And… we like to keep things cheerful!


Where we come from

In 1997 Seba was the first Western-European consultancy that interpreted diversity in the larger sense of the word (‘all differences’) and saw it as a strategic business issue. Seba worked on the basis of the new insights of Roosevelt Thomas, professor of business administration and the first professor of colour at Harvard: it is not about the fact that people differ from each other but that organisations need to deal better with those differences. Thus Thomas introduced a change in thinking from one-sided target groups (afro-americans, women, latino’s) to multiple-faceted diversity & inclusion.

We demonstrated Roosevelt Thomas’ vision in the model above.
The words ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ were problematic and there has not been
a better solution for wording since that time.
Wording is symbolic for the struggle around diversity and inclusion to ‘do the right thing’, also in 2020.


Where we are now

Because of our 20+ years of experience Seba has many trainings and other methods that we can adapt and transfer tailormade to your situation. More and more organisations have their own trainers and consultants: Seba is ready to offer products like train-de-trainer and counsel-the-counsellor to equip them optimally. Like that, we enlarge the pool of experts in diversity & inclusion and it develops into the real discipline it must be. As Seba said in many publications: for finance, no one would be appointed just because he is of good will…. Expertise about inclusive organisations, combined with change management, is highly necessary.

Onze kennis vanuit wetenschappelijke inzichten, onze methodiek en onze ervaring zijn neergelegd in een scala aan boeken, instrumenten en spellen.
Apart from train-the-trainer and counsel-the-counsellor Seba can also provide for workshops and consultancy with our own staff, at every level of both profit and not-for-profit companies, in different countries and languages.

About the name Seba

Seba takes its name from the story of the Queen of Sheba (one of the earliest written accounts of an intercultural encounter), who travelled thousands of kilometres in order to visit King Solomon. Her journey led to a unique exchange of wisdom and prosperity: a source of inspiration for us and hopefully also for those of you who make Seba’s acquaintance.

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