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Makeda: playing with diversity competence

What exactly is intercultural or diversity competence? Makeda is a card game that answers that question and helps participants to find out for themselves – with each other – how they can develop this competence further. A practical card game on a strong theoretical basis as you are used to find with Seba.
Makeda can be played separately or for example in work meetings, workshops or trainings. Everybody, wherever he lives or works, will be increasingly confronted with differences among employees, customers and relationships. Experience has shown that Makeda deeply influences participants (esp. at middle and high educational level).

Also available in German and Dutch!

For further information, watch our video about the Makeda game (in English).

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The Champagne Pool: creating a favourable organisational culture

How to make (organisational) culture tangible and adaptable? The Champagne Pool was developed especially for that purpose.
30 cards with concise theory-cards and many exercises make this cardbox a ready-for-use tool at different organisational levels in staff meetings, workshops or coaching.  It is also a good instrument for yourself and others to understand and influence culture. Think of job interviews in relation to matching with the organisational culture, or projects for culture change.

Available in English and Dutch.

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The Pink Champagne Pool: for a gay-friendly (organisational) culture

You want to talk about sexual diversity in the workplace in an effective way? The Pink Champagne Pool is a cardbox with scientific results and practical exercise ready-to-use tomorrow!
The examples in the cards include gay men, lesbian women, bi- and transsexuals and transvestites in job interviews, teamwork and manners at work. They deal with the creation of a safe, tolerant culture. Awareness of the existing culture goes hand in hand with questions about coming out in the workplace and managing (organisational) culture.

Available in English and Dutch.

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Price € 27,50 (excl. VAT), € 33,28 (incl. VAT)

Making the difference: the critical success factors for diversity management

Once upon a time organisations could work with employees who all looked like Mister Average. Their life style, values, expectations and working ways were predictable; it was easy to recruit and reward them. Managers that were able to manage Mister Average, were able to perform 90% of their business timely and effectively. However, Mister Average doesn´t exist any more. A great diversity of employees have made their entrance into the organisations of the 21st century. Organisations find it difficult to make the change from ´general´ management to diversity management. Where to start and what actions will show the best effect? The secret of success lies not in a scattered approach but in structural policies.
This book Making the difference presents the methods and tools to work on structural policies, based on the ten critical success factors of diversity management. Readers will gain the most recent insights and find the way to set priorities and seize the opportunities that diversity offers – when it is managed well!
The Dutch version of this book is used already by many organisations as a concrete guideline how to implement diversity in daily practices.
Author Grethe van Geffen is founder (1997) and managing director of Seba culturemanagement bv, experts in culture & diversity. She published several books and over fifty articles about diversity, and helt workshops and presentations in over ten countries.

Also available in Dutch under the title Verschil moet er zijn.


See als our Youtube about diversity and about this book: video.

ISBN: 978-1-86335-810-1
Published by: Common Ground Publishers, Illinois (USA)  2010

Price € 18,26 (excl. VAT), € 19,90 (incl. VAT)

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